Meet the Reason To Rise Team!

The label- and artist-related work and tasks will be shared between the team members. Tasks
and positions include General Management, Artists & Releases and Creative Development
and shall be shared and discussed on monthly team meetings via Zoom.

We are looking forward to expand our team in line with the success of the label. As we want to offer every signed artist an Artist Manager, we expect our team to grow after the first year. For now, Christoph, Mickey, Jay and Will are assinged Artist Managers and will take care of the first artists to join the label.

Christoph Angster
Christoph AngsterGeneral Manageent
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Darren Porter
Darren PorterArt Director
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Mickey Marr
Mickey MarrA & R Manager
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Jay Datesh
Jay DateshCurator & Licensing
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Anja Karst
Anja KarstSocial Media & News Manager
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Will Room
Will RoomContracts & Artist Manager
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