Reason II Rise goes online!

Reason 2 Rise Records was founded in 2020 by Christoph Angster and Darren Porter with the initial idea to have a musical home without any artistic or contractual limits. Through their joint work on the development on Darren’s career as a DJ and producer, both releasized that their vision could also be of interest for others.

The label’s mission is to provide a platform for artists to publish new, distinguishable uplifting music and proactively grow their profiles and careers. The idea behind this concept is to let the label grow with the success and the expanding networks of the artists.

This includes a personalized plan for each signed artist, in which individual goals are set and achieved in a joint manner. It is important to identify artists that are willing to proactively engage in the label’s efforts and activities to develop the label and build their careers. Each artist will work with an artist manager, who plan and help executing mainly the individual artist-careers.

Christoph Angster
Christoph AngsterFounder of Reason II Rise
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Darren Porter
Darren PorterFounder of Reason II Rise
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